Celebrating MSCO 2018 Annual Meeting

The 2018 Annual Scientific Symposium of MSCO was successfuly held on September 29, 2018 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Macau.

Invited speaker including Dr. Tongyu Li from Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, Dr, Ding Yu and Dr. Huijing Wu from Hubei Cancer Center, Dr. Yizhun Zhu, Prof. Elaine,Leung from MUST, Dr. Xingxiang  Pu from Hunan Cancer Center.

Attendee  are specialists from Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Macau.

The meeting was moderated by Prof. Ying, Xie and Ms. Zhimin Yin.

Many topics were covered in this meeting. The annal meeting has become the important platform not only for the presentation of new science, but also for unique networking opportunities in local area. It is only through an exchange of the widest variety of research that we can offer the best program and benefits to our members and patients.

This meeting highlights the cooperation between clinical and basic research. During meeting experts from Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, lead by Dr. Tongyu Lin, have a fruitful talk with experts from state key lab of MUST, lead by Prof. Elaine Leung.

Group photos of part of attendee.

Dr. Tongyu Lin talks about translation research in Macau. “Macau is a unique city, where new drugs are available very soon after FDA registration”, he said, “With some of them are now watched up in China, we need do more research work and do real world study. This is of very important since new drugs are launched fast and fast”.  

Prof. Elaine talks about research on relation between PD-1 and gut microbiota. 

Prof. Yizhun Zhu talks about infection and cancer, and how he make his research into real drug.

Dr. Huijing Wu share her opinions on treatment of metastatic breast caner and shared a case of MBC.

Dr. Ding Yu is also a prioneer in oncology practice in China. He shared the development of early oncology study group in China.